A Reliable Solution for your Reinsurance Needs

TAI offers a complete software solution for life companies to self-report all their reinsurance information; assumed, ceded or retroceded in an electronic format to share with their trading partners on a cost effective basis. We are dedicated to our client relationships and value them beyond the periodic upgrades to our System.  We have over 100 customers that represent all sizes of Life Insurance companies  and reinsurance programs. 





We pride ourselves in our holistic approach

From early on we realized the System will never be ‘complete’ as products change, new regulations are introduced, and reinsurance arrangements evolve. As the business changes, so must our System, and the market drives our System’s direction. We work with leading industry organizations such as the Society of Actuaries, LOMA, ACORD, and RAPA to address the reinsurance reporting needs of our clients.

As business needs have changed, TAI has modified the System to keep pace with specific client and industry needs. Each year TAI introduces a modification to our core system at our annual user group meeting, and is committed to meeting the needs of all the reinsurance industry business partners.

Exploring New Products and Markets

With many of the North American reinsurers originating from Europe and Asia, clients with international operations, and the increase in offshore business, TAI is expanding its presence in other parts of the world. This is part of our commitment to provide our System and expertise to everyone in the life reinsurance community.


TAI is located in Orland Park, Illinois. Our strongest market is in North America, and we have a developing customer base internationally. Our team consists of experts in insurance, reinsurance, and systems with the ability to design a solution to meet any life insurance company’s third-party and internal reinsurance requirements. Our goal is not only to convert the data, but also to assure that it is accurate and up to date. We are offer support, regardless of special needs at a cost-effective price.