What is it? 

The TAI Advisory Panel (TAP) is a program designed to steer product innovations that shape our industry, through a stronger partnership and joint commitment with our customers and key stakeholders.  With a firm belief in maximizing client and partner interaction, the TAP program’s focus is to give TAI clients and partners an opportunity to engage and influence the TAI Product Development life cycle.

TAP Influence of the TAI Product Development Life Cycle 



Why was it created?

The TAP Program was created to strengthen the bond between client and vendor in a shared mission to further shape the reinsurance industry.  The TAP Program is structured to stimulate industry innovation at multiple levels:

Level Business Focus Contact Role Mission / Goal

1 - Reinsurance Administration

Reinsurance Administration Head of Reinsurance Operations

Identify common business scenarios, create efficiencies in base product

2 - Product  Innovation

Reinsurance Administration
Risk Management

Department Head

Collaborate with TAI Product Management on new product concepts and innovations

3 - Executive Management

Reinsurance Outlook and Strategy

Executive Management

Strategic influence on product direction through Executive Management Summit

Who qualifies for the TAP Program?

The TAP Program is open to all TAI customers and users of TAI data. The goal of the TAP Program is to access a population of reinsurance expertise that mirrors the shared common interests of the life reinsurance industry.

How much does it cost?

The TAP Program is free and open to all TAI customers and users of TAI data.  

TAI also offers an opportunity for selective TAP participants to join the Charter Customer list. Charter Customers have additional influence in product development. Charter Customers may enter into a consulting engagement with TAI on the co-development of a future product concept, this will be done on a Time and Materials basis through a standard consulting agreement. Learn more here.

How often does the TAP program meet?

In order to maximize client interaction, the TAP Program administrator will communicate with TAP members every quarter beginning in June 2015, through a TAP Program newsletter.  The newsletter will provide information related to the following:



TAP Program News, Updates, and Events
TAP Program Survey: enable TAP participants to provide product feedback
Access to Live Demo Environment for Product Concepts (when available)
Downloadable Release Candidates
Co-Development Opportunities


Executive Summit at Annual TAI User Group Meeting 

How does the TAP registration process work?

Become a TAP participant by submitting an application form via our website. You can apply for TAP Membership at one or more Levels as described above. Based on your registration profile, an internal TAI committee will determine the best mix of candidates for each level, and provide confirmation on your acceptance and Level(s) of participation into the program.