What is a Charter Customer?

A charter customer is an existing TAI client that chooses to engage in a co-development with TAI on the commercial production of a product concept for Release To Manufacturing (RTM).  This is done through a consulting agreement executed on a Time and Materials basis, whereby TAI holds the rights to the software, and the client receives a discount on the license and a credit towards the first year’s Support and Maintenance fee.  TAI staff will work shoulder-to-shoulder with client staff to co-develop a product concept and bring it to market.  This ensures that the TAI product roadmap is aligned with industry trends, allowing for deep collaboration on a participant level.

How do I become a Charter Customer?

Get in touch with us to express your interest in becoming a Charter Customer, along with a description of internal project/projects that would strengthen your candidacy for Charter Customer designation.  From there, a scheduled meeting with TAI management will be conducted to further discuss the potential candidacy for Charter Customer designation.  A formal contract and procurement process follows, at which point your organization receives the Charter Customer designation, and the project effort is scheduled with TAI resources, a project plan, and expected deliverables.