CONNECTOR is a powerful extract tool that requires minimal expertise in SQL or understanding complex table structures, allowing users to query the data, pull it into Excel, or create custom extracts to feed peripheral systems.

Current TAI Users:

  • Audit your TAI data
  • Validate assumptions, look for exceptions
  • Extract what you want, and load it into Excel, analyze it using your preferred  tool
  • Feeds subset of data to a partner reinsurer to help with accurate pricing

Not a Current TAI User:

  • TAI has become a warehouse of policy and reinsurance data
  • Use Connector to access TAI data to offer new services to insurance  companies
  • Ensure the format of your data is consistent with the industry
  • Learn more about TAI software here



Access Data with Ease

Connector eliminates the need to understand SQL or detailed knowledge of TAI internal table structures and joining mechanisms when retrieving data. 

Previously, extracting data often required the involvement of IT staff, but with Connector's self service platform you can get the data you want, when you want, with ease.




Secure Data Transfer

Whether it’s to internal peers or external reinsurance business partners, Connector securely transfers data using dual authentication and point-to-point encryption.

With Connector you are extending the power and capability of TAI X-press to get more from your data.


Custom and Standard Templates

There are two types of templates you can use to extract data from TAI.

Custom Templates

  • Client created based on your needs
  • Changeable
  • Derivable

Standard Templates

  • Out of the box templates provided by TAI
  • Unchangeable
  • Derivable with the ability to change and save under a new name

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