INSIGHTS is a powerful analytics tool that provides business transparency by giving individuals the power to understand reinsurance and portfolio risk.

As in any reinsurance operations program, administrators and analysts are constantly facing the need to seek and provide risk information that measures actual to expected results on premium and claims, looks at performance on a cash basis across reinsurance pools and by individual reinsurer, or standardizes how risk is managed across an entire book of business.

Get an overall view on the risks contained within your program and answer key business questions:
  • What does my policy portfolio look like? 
  • Are policies increasing, while terminations decreasing? 
  • Are my reinsurance recoverables decreasing or staying flat? 
  • How is average inforce Net Amount at Risk (NAR) trending? 
  • Does my reinsurance program generate positive cash flow? 
  • Do I need to adjust my retention? 

Standardize Success Management

Dashboard and Scorecards

This is where you’ll find a set of Key Performance Indicators to help you understand operational activity across:

  • Your policy portfolio
  • Reinsured policies
  • Underwriting activity
  • Claims history



Customize Your Analysis

Reinsurance Cash Flow

Insights enables flexible analysis of reinsurance cash flow to gain a net view of the data. Use various filters, including type of reinsurance and/or company, and formats to gain an understanding of business standings. Determine where action needs to take place for future strategy.





Visualize Business Performance

Distribution Maps

A completely innovative way to visualize your company’s overall insured population. Explore data in a whole new way by plotting your policy portfolio by product, status, underwriting class and other factors geographically.





Easily Share Your Insights


Use notes and export functions to facilitate discussion around results and perform further analysis. Facilitate collaboration without affecting the live production system or sharing personally identifiable information.



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