TAI Mainframe

Technical Specifications and Requirements

The TAI Mainframe life reinsurance administration system is a full featured system for IBM mainframe environments. It supports single and joint life products, disability income, and long term care for ceded, assumed, and retroceded processing of all types of reinsurance arrangements. Retention management, claims tracking, online help, ad hoc reporting, user maintainable tables, reinsurer electronic reporting and system integration are also featured. Each installation includes automated conversion and validation of existing data along with customized training and consultation.

Operating Systems

  • MVS - all releases, OS390
  • This package does not require any maintenance or modification of the operating system. No upward compatibility problems have been reported with new operating system releases.


  • There are no special hardware requirements for the system. The system supports 3270 terminals, with 24 x 80 screen sizes.

Source Code/Language

  • The TAI System is written in VS/COBOL II, and is compatible with COBOL 390.
  • BMS is used for screen mapping.
  • Source code is included with the mainframe system.
  • There are no user exits.
  • Approximately 60 on-line programs, 75 batch programs.

File Structure

  • Approximately 35 VSAM files.

CICS System Requirements

  • The system uses command level CICS, and runs under release 4.1 and all subsequent releases. No upward compatibility problems have been encountered with new releases.
  • PF keys are used to move from screen to screen, and to browse forward and backward.
  • CICS Dynamic transaction back-out used for recovery.
  • Approximately 50 PCT entries, 100 PPT entries, 35 FCT entries.

DASD Requirements

  • DASD requirements vary depending on the type of reinsurance arrangements. DASD estimates are included in the pre-installation study.

System Maintenance/Distribution

  • Maintenance is provided as needed. Currently, upgrades are distributed every other year.


  • System documentation includes a System Manual and an Installation Guide.
  • Installation and ongoing technical support is provided.


  • The system has security/sign-on features which may be used independently, or which may be integrated with existing security (RACF, ACF2, etc.). If integrated with existing security, TAI security can be made transparent to the user. Security options are addressed in the pre-installation study.


  • Performance statistics vary from installation to installation, depending on the types of reinsurance arrangements and on the types of interfaces with policy administrative systems. Clients are currently running the system with fewer than 50,000 cessions, and with more than 5,000,000.
  • Performance considerations are addressed during the pre-installation study.