Technical Specifications and Requirements

The TAI .NET life reinsurance administration system is a full featured Internet Explorer based web system for an intranet environment. This version features three-tier system architecture, a rich thin client for ease of deployment, and hot links to frequently used pages. It supports single and joint life products, disability income, and long term care for ceded, assumed, and retroceded processing of all types of reinsurance arrangements. Retention management, claims tracking, online help, ad hoc reporting, user maintainable tables, reinsurer electronic reporting and system integration are also featured. Administrators are able to run cycles on request and have as much control over their environment as needed. Each installation includes automated conversion and validation of existing data along with customized training and consultation.

Application/Database Server Operating Systems

  • Server — MS Windows Server 2008, 2012, 2016


  • Server Software Requirements
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2, 2012, 2014, 2016
  • Microsoft Internet Information Service
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5+
  • Server Hardware Recommendations
  • Dual XEON processors (for SQL)
  • Minimum 8G RAM
  • Dedicated Web Server Recommended
  • Virtual Machines supported
  • Disk requirements vary based on volume - Typically 75+ Gig
  • Postscript Printer

Client Requirements

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 10+
  • Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge or Firefox


  • System documentation includes a User Manual
  • Installation and ongoing support is provided.

Web Service Support

  • Client search
  • Retention by life
  • User defined services

Web-Based Interface

  • Rich thin client
  • Full functionality of mainframe system
  • Ability to customize reporting cycles
  • Report Viewer with Search capabilities
  • Convert reports to PDF or Word formats
  • Hot links and Related links to frequently used pages
  • Ability to customize XML dropdown boxes
  • Online Help
  • Dropdown Menu

System Maintenance/Distribution

  • Maintenance and upgrades distributed on request.


  • Levels of security can be set for each user based on the access and area of participation.
  • User defined security rules for system access, user inactivity, and password construct rules.
  • System inactivity timeout feature.
  • System wide encrypted passwords (no clear text).
  • Supports Active Directory Windows Authentication


  • Session state modes supported: InProc, StateServer, or SQLServer
  • Performance statistics vary from installation to installation, depending on the types of reinsurance arrangements and on the types of interfaces with administration systems.
  • Performance considerations are addressed during the pre‐installation study.
  • Performance can be improved for large volume clients using a third party sort tool, PowerBSort.  This product may be required for extreme volume clients.