TAI X-press

Service at a Glance

TAI X-press is a communication tool to facilitate the transfer of electronic information from ceding companies to reinsurers and from reinsurers to retrocessionnaires. It is a separate windows based application that can be used by any company with the ability to send electronic data.

A new release of our innovative communication soft¬ware TAI X-press is now available. Its unique and enhanced capabilities include:

  • Supports SQL Server, is network compatible, allows for multiple users, and can be incorporated with Microsoft’s Active Directory.
  • Transmits time-sensitive data using secure FTPS, SFTP, or HTTPS protocols and can encrypt the files at rest in a password protected zip file.
  • Improved automation for package building, especially for claims data.
  • Monthly and quarterly reinsurance reports can be consolidated and sent to each reinsurer as a single transmission.
  • The data elements can be a combination of any commonly used electronic formats: image files (e.g. jpg, png), print files (e.g.  pdf, xps), Office files (e.g. docx,  xlsx),  XML, etc.
  • By importing information from TAI’s claim extract, more complete policy as well as claim information can be provided to reinsurers. The elements are reported utilizing XML wrappers.  Include supporting documents (death certificate, proof of payment, claimant form, etc.) with your transmission.  A straight through process using key descriptors cutting down manual intervention. A faster method for quality claims handling the first time, decreasing misplaced or delayed claims.
  • Packages will be identified as reports or claims information so they can be routed to the appropriate server at the reinsurer or retrocessionnaire site. Secure transmissions can be sent any time during the day or a¬fter hours when there is less network traffic. Once the packages are sent and received by the reinsurer, an e-mail notification is automatically generated indicating the date and time the package was delivered.
  • There are no limitations on file sizes that can be transmitted.

TAI X-press is available on an annual subscription fee basis, and is very easy to install.  You do not have be a TAI Reinsurance System user to subscribe.  The subscription fee is less than what companies currently pay for delivery services in connection with sending physical media or in maintaining security access for multiple sites with different access methods.

Most reinsurers are already receiving X-press transmissions. If any of your reinsurers are not set up for X-press have them contact us and we will assist them to receive information. As more companies join the service it will facilitate the communication of electronic information among ceding companies, reinsurers and retrocessionnaires and improve overall service for all parties. 

Please contact us for current pricing terms, additional information, and installation instructions to become a user of this innovative software.