Annuity Reinsurance Administration Software


Automate your annuity reinsurance administration with a dedicated system.

With TAI Annuity Reinsurance Administration Software, you can automate the administration and processing of Fixed, Indexed, Variable and GMIB/GMDB annuity products.


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Software Features & Benefits

How TAI Annuity Works

  1. Data is loaded into the software, including treaties, rates and a direct feed from your policy administration system.

  2. TAI Annuity automatically applies the rules of the treaty to administer business.

  3. Reports are generated and made available to send to your reinsurers and retrocessionaires. Simultaneously, the system ensures that proper cash flow and accounting specifications adhere to the treaty terms.
Clients can host TAI Life in their environment or the Cloud
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The TAI Advantage

Streamlining your reinsurance administration operations.
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Hosting & Security

Learn about TAI's approach to data security and protection.
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