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TAI Life Reinsurance Admin Reports and Exports Webinar: FAQ and Highlights

January 21, 2021
The right report at the right time can make a huge difference in your team’s workflow and success. The TAI Life Reinsurance Admin Reports and Exports Webinar, led by Wendy Wilmer, Business Analyst, can help you leverage key features and streamline your approach to reports and exports. This webinar focuses on viewing reports in the TAI .NET application, exporting reports, and running SQL queries through Ad Hoc Query. Mainframe users are invited to follow up with any specific questions for their platform.
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Optimizing Systems for IFRS 17 Reinsurance Reporting

October 13, 2020
As the January 2023 “go-live” date for IFRS17 rapidly approaches (well, certainly rapid for the Insurance market), consultants have spent many hours and industry experts have written large scores of papers to aid insurers in moving to this new accounting framework. This blog explores the system implications of providing granular reinsurance reporting to meet IFRS17 reporting requirements.
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TAI Version 3.70 Life and Annuity is Available Now

September 17, 2020 / Software Update, Software, TAI Software
TAI’s latest release, TAI 3.70 Life is live and ready to improve your workflow. Take advantage of the latest features and advancements we’ve developed in collaboration with clients. Find out what’s new in this overview.
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5 Tips for Using the TAI Help Desk

September 2, 2020
The TAI Help Desk and Self-Service Portal is a customer service platform provided to TAI system users for troubleshooting and support. We’ve made it easy and efficient to get what you need, when you need with the TAI Help Desk.
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Basic Claims Training Webinar: FAQs and Highlights

August 5, 2020
TAI customers can make the most of the system’s Claims module with these helpful tips from Ryan Cauldwell, Manager of Reinsurance Consulting. In his recent TAI Basic Claims Training Webinar, Ryan walked attendees through frequently asked questions on the claims module’s functionality and highlighted its most popular features.
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[TAI FAQ] How to Prepare for a TAI System Upgrade

July 15, 2020 / Software Update, FAQ
Whether your organization is about to kick off a TAI upgrade or is planning for one in the next couple years, this blog provides a helpful overview of what to expect and how to prepare. 
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Basic Audit Training: FAQ and Webinar Highlights

June 3, 2020
To help TAI users simplify and automate the audit process, Ryan Cauldwell, Manager of Reinsurance Consulting, walked us through common questions and the most used features of TAI’s Online Audit function (or “View Trace” as some users may call it) in the recent webinar: TAI Basic Audit Training. Ryan provided an overview of the audit functions available on TAI that can be used by both direct writers and reinsurers, whether you’re managing an internal or external request or processing a valuation or reinsurance query.
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TAI Recapture App

June 19, 2019 / Agile, Reinsurance Treaty, Treaty
TAI has developed a Recapture App which provides a more flexible option for recapturing business from reinsurers or retrocessionaires. The App is incorporated into version 3.6 of TAI .NET.  Clients have the option of using the Recapture App or using the traditional custom programming solution for recaptures.
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[TAI FAQ] TAI Claims Module

December 4, 2018 / FAQ
  Are you currently leveraging all processing and reporting capabilities of TAI’s Claims Module? Claims are a key component to reinsurance operations; the TAI Claims Module can be used to help streamline this aspect of your business. Read this FAQ blog to understand the benefits of the module and clarify common misconceptions about TAI Claims. 
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[TAI FAQ] 7 Valuable Ways to Query Reinsurance Data in TAI

November 5, 2018 / FAQ
  As reinsurance administration professionals, querying data is a common part of our role. Whether you are creating reports, analyzing data, or searching for the source of a data discrepancy, here are  seven ways to query reinsurance data using TAI software.
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