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5 Reasons Why Companies Should Encourage Employees to Use LinkedIn

June 8, 2017 / Reinsurance, Social Media, InsurTech


True or False. Companies should be concerned if their employees are on LinkedIn. The answer – false! I recently led a session at the 2017 User Group meeting on the importance of leveraging LinkedIn for building a personal brand and developing professionally. Two things that companies should be encouraging their employees to do. One of the attendees in my session voiced concerns over what their employer or colleagues would think if they were on LinkedIn (‘aka will they think I am job hunting’).

While the social media network for professionals can be used for finding new employment opportunity – this is only ONE of the many use cases. As you’ll see below, LinkedIn can be used for so much more – which is why companies should encourage their employees to be active on the network. Whether you are an employee or employer wondering if LinkedIn is the right place to be – I hope to convince you that it is indeed.  

1. Showcase company expertise

As I mentioned in my article on how to getting a professional LinkedIn head-shot, a lot of first impressions in the digital space can occur online. While this is true for one on one interactions it is also true for businesses. A potential prospect or hire is likely to search for your organization on LinkedIn – or Google – in which case LinkedIn will show up in the search results. Having employees with an active presence on LinkedIn gives the prospect or potential hire the opportunity to see who they would be working with. This demonstrates your company’s expertise in a different way than what can be communicated in a meeting, interview or brochure. LinkedIn profiles show the expertise of each employee from their perspective. Giving whoever is researching your company confidence in the team working there.

2. Improve brand awareness

LinkedIn is a great channel for sharing and producing content. Two things that contribute to social selling. What is social selling? It involves using social networks to build relationships with prospects in your target market. If your employees share and produce content that is relevant to your industry, clients and prospects – it will help position you as a thought leader on the topic. You’ll become known as the brand with the expertise and the go-to resource for information.

3. Instant brand ambassadors

If your company has a blog that produces articles or a portal for press releases, LinkedIn can and should be a channel for sharing this content out. It is a win-win for employees and employers. For employees, you can share this content to drive engagement with your network. For employers, sharing content with your LinkedIn network is like word of mouth. People are likely to trust the information being shared out by someone they are connected with. Given everyone’s networks are different, you have the potential to reach audiences you may not otherwise have access to or thought of to share your content with.


4. Increase work productivity

Another reason companies should encourage employees to use LinkedIn is so that they can access free resources. These resources can individuals or teams develop professionally. Our sister company LOGiQ3 shares insightful and resourceful articles that include tips and tricks for reinsurance professionals including:

In addition they share FREE downloadable content that explore specific topics more in depth including:

The content shared within the blogs or downloadable content can help professionals discover ways to overcome current challenges, work more efficiently or even learn something new. Which can translate to a more productive work environment.

5. Stay on top of industry trends

Finally, another popular type of content shared on LinkedIn is industry trends. Leveraging the platform for this type of content allows your employees and company to stay up to date on what is relevant. Given the rise of InsurTech and changes our industry is experiencing (which was definitely apparent as User Group) this is important for insurance professionals to be tracking.

How can you optimize your LinkedIn profile?

As you can see LinkedIn can and should be used by professionals in every industry to showcase company and personal expertise, industry relevant content and discover useful resources. Insurance is certainly no exception. If you haven’t created your profile yet or are looking for ways to optimize your profile download the Insurance Professional’s Guide to LinkedIn here.

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Written by
Megan Gardner