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How to Protect TAI Data from Cyber Threats

July 24, 2017 / Software, Security


In today’s digital world, information technology and data are at the center of our day-to-day lives. Whether you are browsing the internet on your smartphone, tracking your steps on a FitBit, watching Netflix or making a purchase online, there is a constant exchange of data. And these are just examples from your personal life. It’s hard to imagine a profession that doesn’t have at least one touch point with information technology or digital data. The insurance industry is no exception, holding a wealth of private data on millions of individuals and companies.

Mass amounts of data bring serious security challenges

While the mass amounts of data brings numerous business opportunities, it also poses serious security challenges. Businesses need to be aware of these challenges and have a plan of action to prevent, detect and deal with potential attacks on this information. The insurance industry can be seen as a vulnerable industry because of the large amount of data from individuals and corporations that is collected and stored.

Cyber security protection is critical in the insurance industry

As insurance companies continue to adopt new technologies and conduct more critical business functions online, the need for strong cyber security protection measures grows.  

For this reason, all parties involved in the insurance value chain need to be actively safeguarding their data. This includes setting controls and policies for security, having strict security standards both internally and externally with vendors, and the ability to identify potential threats.

How is TAI protecting you from cyber threats?

In such an environment, where cyber attacks are becoming more frequent and more sophisticated, TAI is introducing the Ardent Security Program to proactively test our software for vulnerabilities on a quarterly basis. If any vulnerabilities are detected, an update will be released here for clients to stay informed. Clients interested in security updates will be given the option to submit a request for update under the ‘Current Security Update’ section on the Ardent page.

Introducing new program, TAI Ardent, to proactively detect security vulnerabilities

Ultimately, the Ardent Security Program allows us to reduce the time it takes to address potential problems and release an update before those potential problems can become a threat.

We invite clients to sign up for Ardent Security Update Notifications to receive updates and protect your system from vulnerabilities.


Click to request current Ardent update.


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Written by
Andrew Zitt