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[TAI FAQ] What is the difference between INSIGHTS and CONNECTOR?

August 31, 2017 / FAQ

TAI FAQ What is the difference between insights and connector?

This FAQ article was inspired by the questions we received at User Group 2017  and common ones I get from talking to reinsurance professionals about INSIGHTS and CONNECTOR. Continuing with the momentum from our summer newsletter in sharing resourceful content, I hope this article answers your questions on the latest additions to our software suite


INSIGHTS is an analytics tool designed to provide more transparency across your reinsurance portfolio in a digestible format. It saves your team from having to run multiple reports, compile results and go back and forth to determine trends within your portfolio. Instead, you can analyze, visualize and discuss data all in one place.

What can you do with TAI data in INSIGHTS?

  • Set key performance indicators to consistently manage operational activity
  • Visualize business performance using graphical representations
  • Slice and dice data to understand trends

How does INSIGHTS improve reinsurance operations?

  • Helps your team save time collecting data and allows for more time analyzing it
  • Provides leading indicators on the operational health of your reinsurance program (allows you to be proactive)
  • Provides lagging indicators on prior period activity
  • Produces high level reporting for management escalation and analysis

Can INSIGHTS connect with other Business Intelligence (BI) tools?

Yes, the INSIGHTS database is an open data model running Microsoft SQL Server.  Any ODBC compliant reporting tool can connect to the INSIGHTS database directly if you wish. 


CONNECTOR is a data extract tool with a self-service platform that allows you to access and extract the data you want, when you want it.

Often times, reinsurance teams need to submit a request to IT for a custom data pull and by the time it gets approved, it might not be relevant anymore. Or worse it doesn't get approved, and the data from the extraction is required. With CONNECTOR, you can create custom extract feeds without having to be a SQL-wizard or requesting support from your IT department. 

Can I transfer data securely using CONNECTOR?

Yes, CONNECTOR has dual authentication and point-to-point encryption to ensure that your data is secured when transferring to internal and external business stakeholders.

What kind of data can I extract?

CONNECTOR has standard, out of the box templates that have been created by our team based on common extracts. Or you have the option of using custom templates to tailor the extraction to your specific needs. So essentially, the kind of data you extract, is up to you. 

How does CONNECTOR improve reinsurance operations?

  • Makes your data extraction process more efficient
  • Automates business processes with system-to-system communications
  • Allows IT to focus more time on other reinsurance IT projects
  • Provides further systems integration with web-service and job automation
  • Ensures your data is being safely extracted and transferred
  • Allows you to communicate synchronously with your reinsurers

Do I need the .NET base system to use INSIGHTS and CONNECTOR?

Both Insights & Connector are add-ons to the .NET base system. For INSIGHTS, you are required to have .NET. Whereas, Connector does not require the base system to connect others with your reinsurance data.

Do upgrades for INSIGHTS and CONNECTOR coincide with .NET?

If you are an existing .NET user, upgrades to both INSIGHTS and CONNECTOR are included with any scheduled .NET upgrade.  

Want to learn more?

Ask us a question about INSIGHTS or CONNECTOR for us to answer in our next FAQ article

or download the product guides here:

Download INSIGHTS Guide  Download CONNECTOR Guide


Written by
Miguel Ceron