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The Difference Between Customer Service in B2C and B2B

October 25, 2016 / Reinsurance
You may be surprised to hear that transitioning from a customer service role in a B2C retail environment to a B2B service provider environment is not all that different. I began my career working as a customer service representative (CSR) for a medium sized car rental organization and then moved on to a role as a CSR with a telecommunications giant. My first role required me to be face-to-face with strangers on a daily basis; my second role required me to be on the phone, conversing with different people for every minute of the 8 hours I spent at work. Two different methods of customer communication, both within a B2C environment. Now that I’ve transitioned into a customer service role at a B2B company, the way I communicate with customers has once again changed. But providing exceptional customer service is still key to customer satisfaction.
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3 Reasons Every Reinsurance Professional Should Be Using an Issue Log

October 3, 2016 / Reinsurance
I’m sure many of us who work in insurance, reinsurance, project management and consulting are quite familiar with issue logs. For those unfamiliar, an issue log is a list of open and closed tasks or issues with a given project or department. Somebody, usually a project manager or, um, your B-O-S-S probably keeps one in some form or another.  And, I’m sure I don’t need to explain the feeling you get when it comes to your boss reviewing your item(s) on the list! For myself, I know that having an issue log is important when it comes to documenting critical project issues.
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3 Common Issues That Cause Premium-Related Treaty Errors

September 1, 2016 / Reinsurance
Have you ever thought to yourself, “How did I possibly miss this?” You find yourself working on a process or project at work (or even in your personal life) for an extended period of time and realize one day that there is an error. An error that you’ve overlooked for months, maybe even years! Once the anomaly has been pointed out, it is impossible to forget. But the nagging question remains, “How could I miss that for so long?”.
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What determines our software enhancements?

August 29, 2016 / Software Update
One of the reasons we love connecting with clients at our annual User Group meeting is to share modifications and enhancements on our software. We are constantly committed to meeting the needs of the reinsurance industry and hope to do so each year with improvements to our  reinsurance platform.  So what drives our software enhancements?
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4 Checks & Tests to Improve Reinsurance Quality

August 23, 2016 / Reinsurance
In my previous post I discussed two reasons why investing in reinsurance quality control processes are necessary. One, being that major decisions in the industry are made based on data and two, reinsurance is heavily dependent on historical data. Charles, my colleague also discussed this by comparing the Rio Olympic Games to the reinsurance industry. We know why it‘s important but what can you do to ensure utmost data accuracy? What do your quality control processes look like, and how can you implement them effectively to improve your business? As a reinsurance consultant, my day to day involves assisting both insurers and reinsurers in improving the quality of their data.  For professionals in the industry, here are four essential checks and tests you should consider incorporating into your reinsurance quality control processes.
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Data Usage in Rio Olympic Games Similar to Reinsurance

August 11, 2016 / Reinsurance
With the 2016 Rio Olympics well underway, all eyes are on athletes from around the world. While we get to see the performance of their lives, we can sometimes forget about everything that goes into it beforehand. Training is an obvious factor that prepares athletes for the Olympics, but another key factor you may not think of is data. In fact, the Rio Olympic Games are expected to be the most data-driven games so far. Almost every aspect of the games will rely, to some extent on data capture – but what I find particularly interesting is the way it is used to help improve athletic performance and create a better user experience for the audience (you and me). The relationship is similar to the one that reinsurance professionals have with data. Using it helps reinsurance businesses perform better, which ensures that the stakeholders involved (direct writers and the reinsurer) have a positive experience. Just as data integrity is crucial to Olympic athletes, it is absolutely critical to reinsurance business as well.
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Top 7 Highlights from TAI User Group 2016

August 3, 2016 / User Group
Can you believe we hosted our 27th annual TAI User Group in May! Every year we strive to make it bigger and better for our attendees. Thanks to your feedback we ensure we are delivering the highest quality of content and insight to help you achieve your business objectives. This year was especially monumental as we launched two brand new products to our suite of software; CONNECTOR and INSIGHTS. Attendees also had the opportunity to hear from one of the world’s leading futurists on global trends Daniel Burrus, who led an intriguing discussion on technological innovation. We are always eager to keep things fresh by introducing new elements to User Group but also maintain the segments you look forward to most. Whether you had the chance to attend this year or not, I’ve pulled together the top highlights from the 2016 TAI User Group below!
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Key Ingredients to a Successful Reinsurance System Upgrade or Migration

July 26, 2016 / Reinsurance
From my last blog you know that planning a reinsurance system migration is similar to hosting a dinner party. I walked you through the key stages of planning to ensure you have the resources, budget and stakeholder objectives in place to execute a migration successfully. Now it is time to go through the key ingredients that will make it all come together.
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Why Your Reinsurance System Upgrade or Migration is like Hosting a Dinner Party

July 19, 2016 / Reinsurance
Great food, tasty drinks and even better company – sounds like a perfect dinner party to me! But have you ever hosted one yourself? If yes, you know how much work goes into serving an incredible multi-course meal, (that is perfectly timed) within your budget all the while making sure your guests are having a great time! So what exactly does this have to do with reinsurance system upgrades or migrations? Well you might be surprised to learn that the steps that go into planning and creating a multi course meal for guests are similar to the steps that go into migrating from one system to another. I’ll show you exactly how below.
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Why You Need to Invest in Reinsurance Quality Control Processes

July 13, 2016 / Reinsurance
Have you ever tried booking a flight or vacation that was advertised for a great price, only to find out at check-out that an error occurred with their system and it was showing the wrong price? What about something as simple as going to a restaurant and getting served the wrong meal despite being specific when you ordered? In both instances, at some point in the process, the wrong data was transmitted in the system, creating a disappointing experience for you. Now imagine this data mishap occurring in a reinsurance setting. What would happen if treaties were set up incorrectly and policies weren’t being administered according to treaty parameters? This could lead to incorrect Net Amount At Risk (NAR), product mapping, reinsurance premium rate and allowance percentages. And if you aren’t already thinking it… THERE COULD BE HUGE FINANCIAL IMPACT that compromises your ability to manage risk effectively.  That is why data quality and compliance is so critical to all parties involved in reinsurance. So how can you reduce the risk of major financial disasters and ensure data accuracy? By investing in quality control processes. Here is why.
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