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[MUST READS] Top 7 Articles Every Reinsurance Professional Should Read Before 2017

December 15, 2016 / Reinsurance


Can you believe we are already counting down the days until 2017?! I find there are always two types of people around this time of the year. 1) The ones that rush to squeeze everything in before the year ends. 2) The ones that are already looking forward to 2017 and everything they can do to kick off a new year. Whether you are one (or both) of these - this list of must-read articles will be up your alley. 

We put together a list of top articles published in 2016 for reinsurance professionals. They cover everything from navigating treaties to improving reinsurance quality and everything in between! So whether you missed out on these insightful reads in 2016 or are planning for a successful 2017, check out the list below. 

3 Proven Ways Reinsurance Analysts Can Benefit from Using Test Regions

Have you ever written an important email, reviewed it several times for errors, only to find a glaring mistake AFTER it has been sent!? It would have been nice to catch the error in advance and anticipate the repercussions your mistake would have, right? Similarly, in the world of reinsurance, before making a change to a policy record it would be helpful to know what other factors would be adjusted, too. The good news is; test regions exist for this very purpose! Learn why here.

4 Tips to Navigate Reinsurance Treaties for Newbies

If the Reinsurance industry uses data as its source of the truth, then reinsurance treaties are the judge and jury of reinsurance data. Treaties are also something you will quickly become acquainted with if you are new to the reinsurance industry. Learning to navigate treaties goes hand-in-hand with understanding reinsurance data. Discover 4 tips to navigate reinsurance treaties here 

Defining Gender & Gender Change – What Should Reinsurers Consider?

Gender classification has been popular in the news lately. But what exactly does it have to do with a reinsurance analyst? This article takes a look at the impact of gender on reinsurance and key questions to consider. Read about it here. 

How the switch from TAI Mainframe to .NET is like moving from the city to the suburbs

When the time comes to upgrade from TAI Mainframe to .NET, there is a lot to consider. One being, what are the necessary steps for an upgrade? Second, is accurate transfer of data, so that errors don’t appear down the road. And third, is the user experience. That’s where the comparison to real estate comes into play. Find out why here.

Common Issues That Cause Premium-Related Treaty Errors

The fact of the matter is, missing an error is something that has and continues to happen during treaty set-up and administration of reinsurance business. So what three common issues contribute to treaty errors? Continue reading this article to find out. 

Checks & Tests to Improve Reinsurance Quality

What do your quality control processes look like, and how can you implement them effectively to improve your business? For professionals in the industry, here are four essential checks and tests you should consider incorporating into your reinsurance quality control processes. Discover 4 checks & tests to improve reinsurance quality here. 

Why Your Reinsurance System Upgrade or Migration is like Hosting a Dinner Party

Dinner Parties... Not the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a reinsurance system upgrade or migration? This article might change your opinion on that! Check it out here. 









Written by
Megan Gardner