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5 Ways Reinsurance Professionals Can Benefit from LinkedIn

March 31, 2017 / Reinsurance, Social Media

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Are you currently using LinkedIn? If no, you've come to the right place! If yes, are you optimizing your profile to get the most value for your professional development? Could you be doing more?

I am a huge fan of LinkedIn. Of course, being a millennial, it is natural for me to gravitate towards social media. BUT you should know that LinkedIn is NOT just for millennials. It is a powerful platform used by professionals from a wide variety of industries and stages in their careers. Professionals in the reinsurance industry are no exception. To understand why, I'm sharing 5 ways reinsurance professionals can benefit from LinkedIn below. 

1. Establish & Grow Your Network

LinkedIn is a network for business professionals. Think of having a digital phone book that gives you the ability to do so much more including:

  • Connecting with colleagues from previous jobs or education
  • Establishing relationships with potential prospects, talent for recruiting or new contacts from industry conferences
  • Keeping tabs on people's current professional status, job updates or articles they are publishing or sharing

You never know how your connections can help you out in the long run of your career. Connecting on LinkedIn makes it easy to not only establish a relationship but maintain it as well. 

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2. Discover Industry Trends

More than 1 million people use LinkedIn’s publishing platform to share over 130,000 posts each week. That is a lot of content! While it is not all applicable to you, there are ways to discover the information you want.

First, you can use the search bar, the same way you would on Google, to find the information that caters to you. This will also point to companies or groups that are relevant to your topics of interest.

By following these companies and joining groups, you'll see any recent activities from them in your feed or receive notifications in your inbox. Essentially allowing you to customize the information you see while interacting with the platform.

For example, we share all of our insights from the TAI team on LinkedIn. If you want  an easy way to keep tabs on the content our team is sharing, simply follow us on LinkedIn.

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3. Build Your Personal Brand

If you are using LinkedIn, you know that your profile is the place to showcase your experience. However you shouldn't just copy and paste your resume into your account profile. It should be a digital extension of your resume.

Give your connections the chance to learn something new that isn’t included on your resume. The more opportunities you have to show your credentials, what you love doing and what you are good at, the better!  

LinkedIn also gives you other opportunities to build your personal brand and presence on the platform. For example, you can link to online content you’ve published directly in your profile (perhaps you wrote an article for ON THE RISK). You can also participate in group forums and engage in conversations to showcase your industry knowledge.

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4. Benefit from FREE education

In an industry where knowledge and education can be your strongest assets, it’s a no-brainer that we should all be actively searching for our next insightful piece of content. As I highlighted before, there is a ton of content being shared on LinkedIn - a lot of which is done by companies (including us!).

In addition to sharing articles on industry trends, companies also share valuable resources that can often be downloaded for FREE.  Therefore, by being active on LinkedIn, you'll have access to industry specific content at your fingertips!  Here are a few of my favorites from the TAI team and our sister company, LOGiQ3:



[eGuide] Training Guide for Reinsurance Analyst Managers

The Insurance Professional's Guide to LinkedIn

5. Position yourself as a thought leader

Another important aspect of building your personal brand is establishing yourself as a thought leader. If you execute the benefits discussed above you can leverage LinkedIn as a channel for sharing content that positions you as a thought leader. Use LinkedIn's Publishing tool to write an article featuring expertise from your experience.

3 ideas for content that can position yourself as a thought leader:

Insights from industry conferences

  • Example of a title: 3 things I learned at TAI's User Group

Addressing industry concerns

  • Example of a title: How can we address the reinsurance retirement gap

Tips and tricks to help professionals become better at what they do

  • Example of a title: 5 tips for inputting reinsurance data

Now that you are more aware of the power of LinkedIn, it's time to put these learnings into action! If you are interested in discovering more, I'll be sharing tips at the 2017 TAI User Group during my session: Social Media Hacks to Help You Rise to the Top.

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Written by
Megan Gardner