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[TAI FAQ] TAI Mainframe vs. TAI .NET

September 27, 2017 / FAQ

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The September FAQ includes a combination of questions on TAI Mainframe vs. NET, general system questions, INSIGHTS and CONNECTOR.


Do the function keys work in the .NET version?

No, .NET is more intuitive from a navigation perspective. It is a point and click, which saves you from having to remember and type the function keys.

What are ‘related links’ in .NET?

In .NET, at the top of any screen, you will see related links with hyperlinks to other screens that you might be interested in viewing. This is another example of the system being more intuitive to user behavior.

Can I set a rate pointer for the future, like a rate increase or change?

Yes if you know when the change will take place you can set this in advance


Upgrading to Windows 10 should have no effect on TAI, correct?

Correct, not a problem using IE 10, Chrome, or Firefox.

Are you aware of any issues with TAI exporting Excel files using Excel 2016? 

The Microsoft Excel format files that are produced by the TAI system can be imported/opened in Excel 2016.  We are not aware of any known issues with working with the Microsoft Excel format files that are produced by the TAI system in Excel 2016. 

Does the TAI system support allowance values of 1000% or greater?

The TAI system does not support allowance values beyond 999.99 (2.x version) – this was expanded in the 3.x version to 999.9999. 

Is the retention pointer field only 4 characters long?

Yes, the Retention Pointers have a maximum of 4 digits and the Allowance/Factor Pointers have a maximum of 6 digits.


Can you create and customize numerous INSIGHTS scorecards for different roles?

Scorecards are available to everyone to see – but yes, you can set up individual scorecards for different functions within the company. For example, reinsurance administration staff might want to view different data than the actuarial staff.

Are the geographical distribution maps in INSIGHTS limited to US?

No. While distribution maps can provide a visual display of your US business, they can also provide a visual display of international business if your portfolio expands beyond US.


Do you need IT to extract TAI data with CONNECTOR?

ANSWER:  No, CONNECTOR was created to reduce reinsurance administration’s reliance on IT support. This frees up time for IT to help with other reinsurance projects and gives administration anytime access to data.

Can you pre-schedule data extractions. For example, if I need to pull the same data monthly?

Yes, you can either run real-time data extraction or save and schedule the extraction to pull in the future.

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Written by
Mitch Ocampo