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Cloud to the rescue: The benefits of Cloud Solutions

October 8, 2015 / Software Update

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Your company is in the business of reinsurance. You deal with mounds of data every day. You've turned to a professional reinsurance software to manage your reinsurance business process and it has been smooth sailing ever since. Today, the current regulatory and security environment is demanding increased protection for data centers and Personally Identifiable Information (PII) – which means it is time to consider an upgrade. From the calm skies above come the solutions of cloud services.

To keep up with best practices, cloud solutions are the next step in streamlining customer implementation, speeding up the conversion process, and allow for smoother future upgrades. The cloud is the result of the progress of existing technologies, it aims to help users focus on their core business and leverages the product expert in the implementation process.  

Benefits to consider when upgrading to a cloud solution:

Increased Efficiency – achieving the economies of scale; volume over productivity. Based on "economies of scale" physical resources and energy consumption are reduced. 

Why IT and your business leads will love that: 

It provides a match of computer infrastructure to business needs aligning the economics and processing/throughput requirements.


Improves Accessibility - Globalizing workforce, enables anyone, anywhere, access to the application.

 Why IT and your business leads will love that: 

Allows ease of communication and access to the application with anyone.


Less personnel training - the reliability of the cloud allows you to conduct the same service repeatedly, it is predictive; entire applications are pre-built and can be deployed with ease. 

Why IT and your business leads will love that: 

This enables action quickly.


Improves your flexibility – the cloud will enable you to match expenses to infrastructure needs and demand to resources.  This means a competitive edge and more agility. 

Why IT and your business leads will love that: 

Your teams look to being agile, a crucial factor in staying competitive in this fast-paced sector, a well-supported system that is focused on improvements helps teams act and react at optimal paces.


New value propositions - new revenue streams can be sparked by the availability of cloud services as it creates a platform that easily enables innovation. There are long term financial commitments but it is less of a capital expense. 

Why IT and business leads will love that: 

To better manage business you need easy, predictable updates that are regular and easy to customize. Your teams can easily use the aggregate data to improve on decision making and strategy. 


In keeping with these demands of existing technologies and paradigms, TAI has a new cloud based solution to offer to existing and new clients. The cloud enables existing users to easily upgrade.

The clear advantages of the TAI Cloud include:

  • Fully SSAE16 certified environment in a SOC 2 Certified Tier 3 Datacenter
  • Simple remote access utilizing secure dual authentication and encrypted data connections
  • Individual user security criteria and tracking
  • Standalone single purpose environments all SSAE16 certified
  • Encrypted servers and database storage for secure data at rest
  • Full system backup and disaster recovery duplication of environment for protection
  • Redundant services, such as power and data connection, to all but remove downtime


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Written by
Andrea Gao