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Top 10 Highlights from TAI User Group 2015

June 10, 2015 / User Group


It's been nearly a month since the TAI User Group meeting. We've been actively seeking feedback from attendees on how we can provide a greater and better experience to you in 2016! 

In the meantime, I've taken the opportunity to curate a list of top 10 highlights from the TAI team from this year's meeting. If you didn't get a chance to join us this year, be sure to check out our own version of David Letterman's Top 10 to see what you missed! 

#1 Largest Meeting Yet 

This was TAI's largest meeting with a total of 205 registered attendees spanning across 89 companies

#2 Growing Community of International Delegates 

Fantastic to see that our community of International delegates is growing. This year, we had the most international audience with attendees from Canada, US, UK, Germany, Italy, and India.

#3 Introduction of New Leadership

Attendees had the chance to meet our new leadership team as well as members of our new Joint Venture Shareholders, msg global solutions and LOGiQ3. An informative introduction was given on the first day to summarize each organization's strengths and synergies with TAI. 

#4 TAP Program 

The introduction of the TAI Advisory Panel Program was well received by attendees. The TAP Program is designed to steer product innovations and strengthen the existing relationship between us and our clients. The TAP Program is completely free to join for TAI clients with an existing Support and Maintenance Agreement. Learn more here

#5 New TAI Product Concepts 

Mitch Ocampo, EVP and Eric Seitz, Senior Developer of TAI gave attendees a sneak peek of TAI's newest product concepts - TAI Connector and TAI Insights. Both products are set to release in 2016. Get in touch if you're interested in learning more. 

#6 Olympic Medals are Awesome... Even More So in Person 

John Coyle and Maria Ferrante-Schepis gave an inspirational presentation. Some key takeaways from the presentation include knowing your strengths and working around your weaknesses, challenge conventional thinking in an industry ripe for change, and ... seeing and touching the silver medal is quite the experience. 

#7 Data is the Language of Communication of Risk 

JJ Carroll from Swiss Re showed us how data is the language of communication of risk and your knowledge is only as good as your data. At TAI, we share this same belief and you can certainly rely on our ceded reinsurance system to provide accurate reinsurance reporting. 

#8 Involve Reinsurance Administration in Everything Reinsurance

Melinda Hubbard and Laurie Gaddis Barrett shared how they've built and structured their reinsurance administration teams. Modern reinsurance departments need to be more organized and efficient to handle increasingly complex treaties. Inviting reinsurance administration to have a seat at the table will benefit the entire organization. 

#9 Chicago Weather was Not a Factor 

The weather was not cooperative and forced us to make last minute changes bringing the Welcome Reception outdoors to indoors. Although the views were not nearly as scenic as they could have been, the crowd had a great time during our first social event. A special thanks to Laura for making last minute arrangements! 

#10 Babymetal was Playing at the House of Blues 

I'm not 100% what this is a reference to, but I believe Tom, CEO should have an idea or two! 

Whether you're an existing client, reinsurance partner, or an industry professional, we encourage you to stay up to date with us as we start to plan for User Group 2016. If you haven't filled out the User Group 2015 feedback survey just yet, please ensure you do, Your feedback is extremely important to us! 

Written by
Natalie Ho