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Top 7 Highlights from TAI User Group 2016

August 3, 2016 / User Group


Can you believe we hosted our 27th annual TAI User Group in May! Every year we strive to make it bigger and better for our attendees. Thanks to your feedback we ensure we are delivering the highest quality of content and insight to help you achieve your business objectives. This year was especially monumental as we launched two brand new products to our suite of software; CONNECTOR and INSIGHTS. Attendees also had the opportunity to hear from one of the world’s leading futurists on global trends Daniel Burrus, who led an intriguing discussion on technological innovation.

We are always eager to keep things fresh by introducing new elements to User Group but also maintain the segments you look forward to most. Whether you had the chance to attend this year or not, I’ve pulled together the top highlights from the 2016 TAI User Group below!

1. Learning about the distinction between Hard Trends & Soft Trends

The 2016 User Group Keynote, Daniel Burrus, led a captivating discussion on how technology enables innovation and how we, as reinsurance professionals, can lead and take advantage of strategic foresight and certainty.

One of the highlights from his discussion was the introduction to hard trends and soft trends. Burrus explained that although both types of trends may look valid in the present - hard trends WILL happen, whereas soft trends MIGHT happen.

He noted that hard trends are based on future facts that cannot be changed and because of this, a lot of opportunities arise from them. In fact, there are 8 hard trend pathways to innovation: Networking, Dematerialization, Virtualization, Product Intelligence, Interactivity, Mobility, Globalization, Convergence.

I think his discussion inspired us all to think about the ways we can leverage hard trends, especially given the changes our industry is experiencing.

2. Retirement is a Concern

One of the trends we learned about from the Hard Trends & Opportunities exercise held during the keynote session, was the concern of retirement. An overwhelming number of responses were received that indicated 40% of reinsurance teams on average will be over the age of 60 within the next few years.

This sparked the discussion around what we are going to do as an industry to drive more professionals in the reinsurance space? And what steps do we need to take to prepare for upcoming retirements?

3. Necessities of Training and Mentoring

One of the benefits of bringing together industry professionals every year at User Group is that we have the opportunity to address concerns that could affect us all. Thinking about the concerns of retirement and how to prepare for this potential mass exit of knowledge from the industry, the importance of training and mentoring came into the conversation.

Step one is attracting younger generations to the industry and step two is making sure you are equipped with the resources to train new staff. Attendees that joined our breakout session on The First 100 Days as an Administrator had the chance to specifically address key aspects of reinsurance training. The session provided valuable tips for both reinsurance managers AND newcomers to the industry on everything from hiring, onboarding, training and quality assurance.

Training has always been a fundamental part of TAI’s software installation process. With upcoming system upgrades and continued expansion of our suite of solutions, providing customized training and consultation will continue to be a priority to ensure you are getting the most from our software.   

Please contribute to the conversation with your thoughts in our brief training survey.

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4. Innovation is Top of Mind

From Daniel Burrus’ Keynote to the TAI Talks given by our board members during the TAP lunch, it’s clear that innovation continues to take center stage. More importantly it continues to evolve within insurance which means our traditional industry is embracing changes.

Innovation is all about driving change to meet the needs of an ever changing business world and society for that matter. TAI is proudly committed to building products to suit today’s changing needs. The launch of INSIGHTS, CONNECTOR, and CLOUD within the last 12 months, is just the start of our continued innovative momentum. 

Our innovative drive is also inspired and supported by our parent companies, msg global and LOGiQ3 who actively engage in innovative projects for the future of the industry.

TAI’s CEO, Tom Freitas recently joined LOGiQ3 on an inspiring trip to Silicon Valley to discuss the increasing interest the visionaries of the valley have in the life insurance industry. You can find out what happened when the two worlds collided here!

Another innovative project that LOGiQ3 recently took on, was a website facelift. In an effort to stay on top of digital trends and provide an engaging online user experience they have a sleek new look. Take a look at their fresh new makeover by clicking here.

msg global recently embarked on a collaborative innovation project to keep up with the fast paced development of digitalization. Learn about their exciting global digital movement here.  

5. First Exclusive TAP (TAI Advisory Program) Event & Experience Lounge

At User Group 2015, we announced the start of TAI Advisory Panel (TAP). Since the launch, we have been thrilled to welcome 68 members who provide us with valuable feedback on our products to help steer innovation.

This year at the User Group, we hosted our first exclusive TAP Event, where members enjoyed a series of innovation TAI Talks over lunch and had the chance experience the newest products from our software suite, INSIGHTS and CONNECTOR first hand!

Interested in joining TAP? Click here to apply to become a member!

6. Exciting enhancements to TAI .NET

Just as The Pete & Laura Show made their debut at UG2016 so did the new Snapshot Screen for TAI.NET! This was just one of the enhancements to TAI.NET that our team was excited to share at UG. It provides a portal into other TAI screens, essentially giving you a complete overview of policy, reinsurance and history. We are always excited to share the latest enhancements. They are inspired by clients like you and speak to the opportunities advancing technologies’ give us to improve your TAI experience.

7. And last but not least….The Atlanta History Center

Whether you strolled along the manicured English gardens or made new connections over cocktails - we hope you enjoyed dining with us at the beautiful Atlanta History Center. And on that note we hope overall you enjoyed this year’s User Group as much as we did. If you didn’t have the chance to provide us with feedback, we are always eager to hear from you.

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Written by
Mitch Ocampo