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How to Master the Frasier Method (for reinsurance analysts)

April 26, 2017 / Reinsurance, Reinsurance Analyst
Growing up did you ever have a fear of something? Maybe it was the boogie monster under your bed, or a scary character from a movie – maybe it was even something your parents always said when you got in trouble. Was there one word, sound or action that always reminded you of this fear? My sister and I always knew we were in trouble whenever we heard the following words from our mother ‘girls, front and center!’. Every parent has their way! But then you grow up and realize the monster under the bed was just in your imagination, the scary movie character was just that, a character and your parents – well let’s just say you mastered the art of getting out of trouble! Essentially, you conquered your fear by understanding it. So how does this relate to reinsurance? Well if you are wondering how to strike fear during a reinsurance premium review: mention the word “Frasier”.
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