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What determines our software enhancements?

August 29, 2016 / Software Update


One of the reasons we love connecting with clients at our annual User Group meeting is to share modifications and enhancements on our software. We are constantly committed to meeting the needs of the reinsurance industry and hope to do so each year with improvements to our  reinsurance platform. 

So what drives our software enhancements?

Well there are really three streams  that drive the enhancements list. The first is from the feedback, suggestions and conversations we have with members of our TAP program.  This program gives us the opportunity to hear directly from our clients on the direction they want TAI products to take. It also gives our clients the chance to influence the software they use. Not only do we use this feedback to make improvements on existing products, but it also inspires completely new and innovative products like INSIGHTS & CONNECTOR that were launched in June.

Another channel is technology evolution.

We  believe in innovation and the benefits it can bring to the insurance industry. Our objective in making software enhancements is to continue to improve data accuracy in reinsurance administration and reporting. With the advancements of technology, particularly in data, security, and accessibility, we are exploring new ways to help clients better leverage their reinsurance data more easily, safely, and effortlessly and use this information to better manage risk in the overall big picture. 

Addressing Microsoft's end of support for Windows Server 2003

Finally, as you know, Microsoft is ending support for Windows Server 2003. This means that anyone running TAI software on this system will no longer receive technical support or security updates. As we mentioned previously we have taken the necessary steps to address this change for our clients by preparing an end of support schedule. By the end of 2018, we will no longer be supporting versions preceding 3.0. Release 3 and above will follow a 6-year schedule which you can find the date cut offs for here. The upgrades are another factor that determines our software enhancements as we want to ensure our clients have the best possible experience.


Perhaps one of the biggest efforts in our enhancements this year was the addition of TAI Snapshot, a page dedicated to summarizing all the important aspects of your reinsurance program. This feature acts as a portal into other TAI screens, essentially giving you a complete overview of policy, reinsurance and history.

If you didn’t get the chance to hear about the latest enhancements, including Snapshot, at the User Group, get an overview of what’s new here!

Release 3.3 New Features


TAI Snapshot

Get complete overview of policy reinsurance and history

Billing History Page Selection

This will make your scrolling and record selection much easier when it comes to long and complex lists of billings.

Allowance Sequence Expanded to 4 Digits

Better support complex allowance tables, plus you no longer need to load on Rate table

Enhanced Treaty Browsing

By being able to scroll forwards and backwards through pool treaties, you no longer need to switch back and forth to reinsurance screens

Auto-Generate Client ID

This is a new function on the Policy Master screen. It enables likely/possible match clean-up. Keep in mind it is a different process on mainframe versus .NET

Quick Links

New links have been added to

  • Reinsurance record-policy coverages
  • Treaty to valuation
  • Valuation screen
  • Descriptive result set

Allowing smoother navigation throughout the system

Quick Search

Similar to quick links, this too will make for easier navigation

Policy Functionality

With this feature you can terminate a policy with a zero face


If you are currently on Release 3.3 we hope you are enjoying the new features! Or if an upgrade is in your near future, this summary should give you an idea of what is in store. 


If you have any questions about our latest enhancements, don't hesitate to reach out! 

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Written by
Megan Gardner