Reinsurance Data Extraction Simplified
Easily extract data from TAI .NET and move it to other systems, people, or departments


Swiftly Extract and Move Your Reinsurance Data 

Make Data Extraction More Efficient

With Connector, you no longer have to rely on IT support to access or extract the information you need.

Securely Transfer Data

We use fully integrated dual authentication, point-to-point, and file encryption to ensure your data is transferred with utmost security.

Access the Data You Want

Connector makes it easy to find and extract the data you're looking for.

Customizable Data Templates

Choose the Data You Want to Extract

Determine your data output using a plug and play Template Designer. Choose from out-of-the-box templates, or customize them to your needs.

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Standard Output Formats

Choose Your Data Output Format

Generate data outputs in various formats including CSV, XLS, PDF, or XML to suit your needs. TAI Connector makes your data ready to use in its next destination.

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Pre-Schedule Extractions

Publish and Schedule Delivery of Data Extracts

Run real time data extractions or save and schedule extractions to pull data in the future (i.e. weekly, monthly, quarterly). Select the person or department to receive data output.

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