Longevity Insurance Administration Software
Streamline Your Longevity Operations


One System for all your Longevity Administration needs

TAI’s Longevity Administration software provides a fully automated, integrated solution for (re)insurers to process Longevity business.​


Longevity Insurance Administration


Where All Your Longevity Administration Comes Together​

Automate Compliance

Automation of 90%+ manual processes

Streamline your longevity operations automating over 90% of manual processes. Allow your team to focus on exceptions as opposed to day-to-day processing.​


Scalable and flexible longevity solution

Say goodbye to inadequate and unscalable existing system(s) ​(Access, Excel, RE Modules). Say hello to one system that is scalable and adaptable to your future longevity business needs.


Accurate floating leg calculation

Have confidence in the accuracy of complex pension calculations, by using a system that automatically applies the scheme rules and benefits across your pension books.

View Retention and Policies

User interface into entire longevity ecosystem

Access to your entire Longevity ecosystem via TAI’s dedicated User Interface. Verify calculations, load new pension schemes, view billing history, create your own reports and more.

A Customized Approach to Fit Your Business Needs

Since 1985, we’ve specialized in delivering stand-alone reinsurance administration systems for Life, Annuity and Longevity business. This means a more effective way to administer reinsurance, less interruption to your business during installation, a system that performs exactly how your business requires it, and unprecedented industry expertise available for support and training.

Operational Efficiency

Using a system to automate your administration drives efficiency in your longevity operations, by relieving you from time consuming, manual and human-error prone processes.​

Customized to Fit

The TAI system is an out-of-the-box solution with the flexibility to enhance the system to support specific business needs including complex pension scheme rules.

Specialized Expertise

The longevity of our team within the industry and company has allowed us to build a specialized knowledge repository that clients can leverage for support and training.

Modular Architecture

TAI software fits seamlessly into your existing operational and IT architecture. It reduces the amount of time and business interruption required during installation compared to a solution requiring an enterprise overhaul. 

How the system works

Data Input and Output

Master-longevity-desktop Master-longevity- mobile
The data going into the TAI Longevity system includes the rules and benefits for each pension scheme as well as a feed directly from your policy system.
The TAI system applies the scheme rules to process the longevity business.
You can then send the necessary reports to (re)insurers / retrocessionaires. At the same time, the system ensures that proper cash flow and accounting occur according to the pension scheme(s) rules and benefits. ​

Hosting and Security


Host the Software in Your Environment or on TAI Cloud

Clients have the option of hosting TAI Reinsurance Software in their environment or in the Cloud – TAI or a 3rd Party cloud provider.


Data Security is Our Top Priority

Our approach to data security and protection ensures that your ability to administer, analyze, query, and report on your reinsurance data is as secure as ever.