TAI Reinsurance Software Closes Deal in U.K. and Enters Longevity Market

By Megan Gardner | February 06, 2020

LONDON, February 6, 2020 TAI, the leading provider of reinsurance administration software in North America, today announced that it has closed a milestone deal in the U.K. through which TAI’s platform will power the company’s first longevity reinsurance administration system. This landmark agreement in EMEA marks another step in TAI’s expansion into the global insurance market.

Since its establishment in 1985, TAI has specialized in reinsurance administration software. TAI provides software and reinsurance service solutions for over 90 percent of the Top 50 life insurers in North America, consisting of some of the world’s largest life insurance and reinsurance brands. Through the platform, clients can self-report all reinsurance business, both ceded and retroceded, in an electronic format to share with their reinsurance partners.

“We are thrilled to introduce TAI to a new global market,” said Tom Freitas, CEO, TAI. “Carriers in the U.K. and across EMEA will now have access to an administrative tool and platform that can not only automate manual processes and improve accuracy but also save money.”

TAI is part of the RGAX family of companies, which includes a comprehensive suite of solutions for the global insurance and reinsurance sector. RGAX is a wholly-owned subsidiary of RGA (Reinsurance Group of America, Incorporated) a leader in the global life reinsurance industry.

“As the leader in life reinsurance systems and services, TAI is dedicated to optimizing risk management for everyone,” added Freitas.

For more information about TAI, visit www.taire.com.

About TAI

TAI is an all-in-one life reinsurance software solution for both life insurers and reinsurers globally. TAI offers a software suite that enables companies to administer, exchange, and analyze life reinsurance programs. Through its set of powerful tools, TAI helps companies increase administrative efficiencies and decreases financial and operational risk by improving reinsurance data quality and automating treaty compliance. Visit www.taire.com to discover more ways to optimize your reinsurance operations with TAI.