Sound Bytes: Q1 2023

By Nicole Karfakis | May 26, 2023


Welcome to Sound Bytes– TAI’s Quarterly Newsletter, bringing you a summary of the latest news from across the TAI family. It’s 2023, and we’re off and running. Our new clients are installing both the Life and Annuity 4.0 systems, existing clients are upgrading to the new platform, and the team is buzzing with excitement over the launch of Insights!

2023 will be a year of TAI getting bigger, but, more importantly, getting better. Our Client Delivery team is actively enhancing its processes to increase efficiency and provide a superior experience in all interactions with us. We’re looking forward to seeing MANY of you at the TAI Summit in May because, as Earl King sang, “There Ain’t No City Like New Orleans.”


Recent Hits

TAI Insights – In February, we proudly launched TAI Insights – a powerful reinsurance analytics toolset for TAI clients. For more information, explore TAI Insights here.

ReFocus – A number of us from TAI spent a few days in Las Vegas last month at the 2023 ReFocus meeting. In addition to the always interesting presentations and sessions, it gave us a great opportunity to connect with many of our clients face-to-face. The feedback we received from these conversations was encouraging and indicated that we are on the right track and focused on the right things for both our clients and the reinsurance industry.



Coming Soon 

TAI Summit (May 10–12)

We are happy to announce that our annual conference is returning to a live stage in the charming city of New Orleans, Louisiana. TAI has been hard at work creating an event  that provides an environment to connect with industry peers, learn from each other, and put that collective wisdom to use. Join us for the first TAI Summit, where our mission is to Exchange, Educate, and Enable.

Register now to benefit from the vital educational sessions and networking opportunities you are accustomed to while experiencing additional content to highlight what’s happening in the broader reinsurance technology ecosystem.

Webinar – Save the date for the next webinar on April 26, 2023, which will focus on TAI Insights.  Registration information to come!


Tech Corner

Each quarter, we bring you a few tips to help you get the most out of your TAI system.

For this quarter, we bring you useful information on TAI Claims. 

Click Here to learn more about the TAI Claims Module.


Fan Club

With the TAI Summit in the near future, this quarter’s trivia questions are about “The Big Easy,” aka New Orleans.

Answer the following questions for your chance to win a $5 Starbucks e-gift card:

  • The French originally founded New Orleans. Which country took possession of New Orleans with the Treaty of Paris in 1763?

  • What Disney animated film includes the song “Down in New Orleans,” recorded by blues-funk legend Dr. John?

  • What major New Orleans street historically served as the dividing line between the primarily Creole French sector and the mostly American sector? This street was considered a “neutral ground,” a name people in New Orleans now use for medians across the city.

Please send your answers to Teri Hughey at

Congratulations to the winner of our Q4 Fan Club trivia, Beth B!  Be on the lookout for a Starbucks e-gift card!


Useful Links

Here are a few useful links to upcoming conferences, product launches, and articles of interest.


Meet the Band: Dana Crook

Meet Dana Crook, Executive Director of Training, pictured to the right, sporting a TAI Employee Appreciation shirt after catching aDana and Fish 2 giant catfish!

Dana was born and raised in Lancaster, South Carolina, and still lives there. Dana is a self-proclaimed Southern country girl who loves to be outside. Anything she can do outside is fun – even mowing grass! She loves fishing with her husband and brother (all catch and release) and even caught a six-foot blacktip shark off the coast of North Carolina. “Being out on the water is so peaceful, and the morning sunrise views are beautiful,” she tells us.

Dana’s best friends have paws. She lives on a 100-acre family farm and loves to take her four Labrador retrievers swimming in the ponds and walking in the woods. Her goal was to have one Lab for every AKC registered color, and she has achieved that!

Dana’s favorite band is Prince and the Revolution. She became a true fan of Prince back in the 80s, and to this day, she believes he was one of the most talented artists. She visited his home, Paisley Park, in Minnesota, with some dear friends and would do it again. She loved the experience and the vibe. Her favorite song is “Purple Rain,” and it’s also her favorite movie. Dana has seen the film more than 20 times!


Wisdom from Wilsonwilson
– The last word …


2023 is well underway, and it feels like collaboration and connection are two major themes for this year. Maybe it’s the hint of spring in the air, but I’m looking forward to getting away from that laptop camera and engaging with people face to face – sharing our thoughts with each other, working through problems together, building toward solutions, and learning from each other.  

We’ve got to take advantage of opportunities to engage in person when we can. For me, one of those opportunities will be at our TAI Summit in New Orleans! I’m looking forward to seeing some new and familiar faces, hosting alongside my Partner in Shine, Nicole, sharing some laughs, and being around the great energy attendees always bring to this event.

So come say “Hi!” in New Orleans, and see if our social skills survived COVID-19. Here’s to a successful TAI Summit and once again coming together as a community!


Mic Drop

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