Reinsurance Analytics Reimagined


TAI Insights is a powerful, intuitive reinsurance analytics toolset.

It empowers life insurers to effectively manage and optimize reinsurance portfolios, balancing volatility with risk appetite.


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Software Benefits

How TAI Insights works

  1. Access the toolset via a dedicated login page.

  2. The TAI Insights monthly file automatically generates as part of the TAI Life system monthly cycle.

  3. The file is automatically transmitted to your TAI Insights site, hosted in the cloud.

  4. Your data is automatically refreshed monthly.

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Our new Insights tool allows clients to analyze, evaluate and make decisions about their reinsurance portfolio in ways they couldn’t before.
Brian Traxler
SVP Business Development

Insights Toolset

TAI Insights is packed with powerful tools, workbenches, and modeling aids so you can extract the maximum value from your reinsurance program.
Operational Dashboards
Treaty Workbench
Client Risk Exposure
Experience Analysis
Reinsurance Optimization
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