An all-in-one life reinsurance software solution connecting life insurers and reinsurers globally.

Over 90% of the top insurers in North America, as measured by life face amount issued, trust TAI software for their life reinsurance administration. By automating your reinsurance administration through TAI Software, you can improve data quality, treaty compliance, and operational efficiencies.


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Our Software

Omit manual workarounds, paper treaties, and homegrown systems


Automate the administration of your ceded, reinsured, and retroceded business without an enterprise system overhaul.



Process your annuity reinsurance automatically with an integrated solution for Fixed, Indexed, Variable and GMIB/GMDB annuity products.



Apply artificial intelligence to build a digital treaty library; capture treaty data in a structured, searchable format; and make treaties easy to read and interpret. This software is also available to bundle with a risk assessment to ensure accurate administration going forward.


Add On: TAI Insights

TAI Insights is a data analytics tool providing operational and financial figures to your reinsurance program.


Add On: TAI Connector

TAI Connector is a tool that extracts data from the TAI system to create custom reports to send to downstream users or external parties.


The TAI Advantage

Operational Efficiency

Using a system to automate your reinsurance administration drives efficiency in your life reinsurance operations – relieving you and your team from time-consuming, manual processes.


TAI Life is an out-of-the-box solution with the flexibility to enhance the system to support specific business needs, including complex treaty arrangements.

Specialized Expertise

The longevity of our team within the industry and company has allowed us to build a specialized knowledge repository that clients can leverage for support and training.

Modular Architecture

TAI Life fits seamlessly into your existing operational and IT architecture. By utilizing this software, you can reduce the amount of time and business interruption required during installation.

Hosting and Security

Software Hosting

Clients can host TAI Life in their environment or the Cloud (i.e. TAI or a 3rd party provider).

Data Security is Our Top Priority

Our approach to data security and protection ensures that your ability to administer, analyze, query, and report on your reinsurance data is as secure as ever.

Ready to Upgrade?

TAI recommends upgrading to the latest version of the software every four years. 

By employing the current version, your team will gain access to the latest features, ensure compliance with corporate risk management, and improve operational efficiencies.

Book a meeting with our team to discuss timelines for your upgrade and to understand the process involved.