TAI Help Desk Webinar – Highlights

By Ryan Cauldwell | September 27, 2021

Having the right support when you need it can make a huge difference. The TAI Help Desk is more than a platform – it’s a centralized point of contact to get support, find answers, and learn more about making the most of TAI’s software. Help Desk Manager Ryan Cauldwell and his team recently led a webinar that provided a full overview of how it works, the resources available, and how their dedicated team is set up to support you.

Read the highlights here and log in to TAI’s Help Desk in the Knowledge Base for the full recap.

How does TAI Help Desk work?

The goal of our Help Desk is to make it as easy as possible for you to get the answers and support you need. Submit your request – it could be a question, request for additional support, or other challenge that emerges – and we’ll take it from there.

Tickets are addressed on a first-in, first-out basis, with the exception of urgent requests involving outages, critical issue resolution, or loss of service that will be prioritized. We appreciate your patience as we work behind the scenes to find the answers and resolutions you need.

When the Help Desk receives a request, we look for information to help us understand the root of the challenge and your end goal. If there is no simple fix, we’ll review the code base and, if required, collaborate with the BA/Programmer, and/or App Support teams to find a solution. If more technical support is needed and it is determined that a fix is required, we’ll create a JIRA ticket to initiate programming work to be completed.

If those steps don’t lead to a viable and lasting solution, we may initiate a small project. The project will get a dedicated team and will only be initiated after a full estimate for the development cost and timeline has been approved.

How do I make sure I get the right kind of support?

To get the fastest and most accurate support possible, include your desired outcome in the query you submit. That way, we can zero in on the goal and get to a resolution as quickly as possible.

Also, the Knowledge Base Repository is a great resource if you need an answer fast. It features more than 300 articles. Search keywords to review relevant how to articles, User Group recaps, and other informative resources. Popular searches include recapture and recalc functions, adding a new block of business or new fields, and importing rates into TAI.

What if I need to share sensitive information to get help?

Privacy is crucial. Sometimes it’s difficult to share all the relevant information you need to get support without including sensitive information. If you’re concerned about privacy, you can enable the Privacy Feature under the Utilities menu to easily and securely mask insured information before capturing screen prints.

What is the Client Portal?

Registered users have access to the Client Portal. It provides access to all our key features and allows you to manage your requests. You’ll be able to see open tickets and the status along with closed tickets. Supervisors may also view any requests submitted from their staff.

Click the green ‘Submit an incident’ button to submit any requests you have. Include the product type, incident type, and a summary of the issue. Popular Help Desk categories include How To & Documentation, Bugs, Installation Issues, Password of the Day (POTD), and Technical Issues.

The Client Portal also includes a search function to find information from the Knowledge Base, FAQ, and your tickets.

We welcome your questions and feedback on TAI’s Help Desk and Client Portal! We’re always looking to improve and find ways to serve you better.

Visit the Knowledge Base on TAI’s Help Desk to access the full webinar recording. Subscribe to the TAI blog for more resources to help you make the most of your reinsurance administration system.