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AEGIS; TAI's New Secured Data Transfer Site

September 1, 2015 / Software


The Name: Aegis, in classical mythology, was the shield of Zeus and Athena. We are proud to introduce the new TAI Secured FTP site, Aegis, protecting and shielding your data from any unauthorized intrusion.

The old File Transfer Protocol (FTP) site: It has been five years since we last updated our FTP site and procedures. The existing TAI FTP offered secure FTP transfers using FTPS or SFTP. In addition, a standard non-encrypted FTP transfer was also available for clients that required it. Beginning September 1, 2015, TAI will no longer support the non-encrypted standard FTP. 

To learn more: about the new AEGIS site, important dates for the migration process as well as how to request access to AEGIS follow this link or click the button below!



Written by
Natalie Ho