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[Press Release] Managing Risk Across Reinsurance Programs Made Easy

June 6, 2016 / Press Release, Software

Life reinsurance software market leader introduces new data analytics product INSIGHTS.


Orland Park, Illinois – June 6, 2016

TAI (Tindall Associates, Inc.) the U.S. market leader in life reinsurance software solutions announced the launch of INSIGHTS, one of two newest offerings from their suite of products. The company with over 30 years of experience, prides itself on delivering reliable software solutions to automate life and annuity reinsurance processing while ensuring timely and accurate electronic data exchange.

INSIGHTS is a powerful analytics tool that provides business transparency by giving individuals the power to understand life reinsurance and portfolio risk. Reinsurance administrators and analysts are faced with the challenge of seeking and providing risk information that measures actual to expected results on premium and claims, quantifying the performance on a cash basis across reinsurance pools and by individual reinsurer, and standardizing how risk is managed across an entire book of business. INSIGHTS allows them to manage their risk through a set of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) within an innovative and centralized platform.

“The TAI reinsurance platform has been our flagship offering for over 30 years” according to Mitch Ocampo, EVP for TAI and who leads product strategy.  “Our idea for new products was to leverage this rich history in reinsurance and identify new ways to solve problems and create value for our clients.  In many ways, Insights was born from TAI’s prior work.”

With features such as customizable dashboards, distribution maps, and collaboration tools, all stakeholders within an insurance company from Actuarial, Underwriting, to Claims benefit from INSIGHTS data.

Tom Freitas, CEO and President of TAI states, “Our approach to Insights was to create a framework that allows our clients to manage and take action on their insurance and reinsurance portfolio.  We asked the question “What would I need to understand to effectively manage this business?”.

INSIGHTS is available to current TAI .NET users on a one-time set up and annual maintenance basis.

To learn more about the benefits that TAI INSIGHTS offers, visit www.taire.com/insights or contact TAI for additional information.




About Tindall Associates (TAI)

Based outside Chicago, TAI offers a complete suite of software solutions for life insurance companies to self-report all their reinsurance information; assumed, ceded or retroceded, in an electronic format to share with trading partners on a cost-effective basis. With over 30 years of experience, TAI has over 100 active licenses representing 96% of market share of the top 50 ceding insurers in North America by premium volume.

To learn more about TAI, visit http://www.taire.com

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