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TAI 3.40 Now Available

August 14, 2017 / Software Update


Each summer, TAI debuts the newest software release for both the .NET and Mainframe (MF) system platforms.  This year's enhancements were unveiled at TAI User Group and are now available for implementations and upgrades. 

Enhancements are designed to improve system functionality and driven by industry trends and suggestions from our network of clients and reinsurers. 

What's new in the TAI 3.40 Release?

Claims Extract (MF & .NET)

  • Similar to the EDI (inforce/cession), EDT (transaction/billing), and EDX (policy exhibit), the system now generates an EDC (claims). This file is a standard format claims extract that pulls information from summary, detail, and transaction tables, and can be run for both life and disability claims. 

Claims Cash Flow extract (MF & .NET)

  • A standard format extract created by the reinsurers to pass claims payment details back into your TAI system.

Consolidation of XML/ACORD Standard billing transaction files (.NET)

  • Clients generating the XML billing files know that in previous versions a separate row needed to be set up in the cycle for each reinsurer. That is no longer the case, one row generates all the XML files in a given monthly/quarterly cycle.  

Cycle Processing detail (.NET)

  • A new pop-up window is generated when a cycle completes, listing all completed steps and the time it took to run each program.

Policy Master Banded Face (MF & .NET)

  • Many clients store an original face amount value used for informational purposes or part of a specific modification. Previously, the Ultimate Face field was often used to carry that value. Clients can now pass this value on new business records and it is stored on the policy screen and passed on the EDI & EDT files.

Post-level Term Enhancements (MF & .NET)

  • The Treaty screen now stores two PLT fields – Switch (Y/N) and Term Period (numeric), and passes these values on the EDI & EDT extracts to the reinsurers. 

Screen enhancements (MF & .NET)

  • Allowance, Claims Summary, Reinsurance Record, Retention Inquiry, and Snapshot.

When to upgrade your TAI system?

It is recommended upgrades are scheduled every fourth release, required after six releases.  Any client on Release 3.01 or earlier, please contact TAI, your support will end on or before 12/31/2018. 

Here is the current attrition schedule:

Version Support Ends
2.40 & 3.00 12/31/2017
2.41 & 3.01 12/31/2018
3.10 12/31/2019
3.11 12/31/2020


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Written by
Laura Carroll