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TAI Version 3.6 Now Available

August 22, 2019

TAI Version 3.6 Now Available

The latest release of TAI Software, Version 3.6 is now available for clients to upgrade. Aimed at solving industry pain points, the updates include new tools and enhancements for better communication, recapture, reinsurance administration and more. Explore the new features below and when you’re ready to upgrade your software, get in touch with your business analyst.


This feature update helps improve communication, mostly for claims and is available for TAI .NET as well as TAI Mainframe clients.

Key Functionality Updates:

  • Automated package buildingA new design which will work with the new EDC format
  • Automated attachment of supporting documentationClients will have the option to set up a staging folder or point to a folder in their imaging systems, and X-press will attach documents to their appropriate packages
  • Automated transmission buildingA new outgoing mailbox was created for “pending transmissions” which includes newly built packages with designated reinsurers (as defined by the EDC extract). Clients will now have the capability to launch the transmission after review
  • Transmission of the actual EDC filesA new X-press package was created for each EDC file which is reinsurer-specific and includes a date-timestamp in the package name
  • Receiver editing options – Users can now edit a receiver after creating one
  • Field validation – Now available on the receiver page
  • Added clarity – “Package Code” is now used consistently throughout X-press pages instead of “Package ID”
  • Flexible date selections – Statement Date now allows you to select a date in the past
  • Consistent paging size – Transmission "Auto Refresh" option now maintains paging size along with filtering and sorting
  • Wild cards accepted – Transmissions with wild cards are now sent successfully
  • Improved efficiencies – Performance enhancements for Packages page and Schedule page
  • Technical updates – X-press now supports hmac-sha1, hmac-md5, hmac-sha2-256, hmac-sha2-512, hmac-ripemd160, hmac-sha1-96, hmac-md5-96, hmac-sha2-256-96, hmac-sha2-512-96, and hmac-ripemd160-96 MAC algorithms


Improved reinsurance data analysis for TAI Insights on TAI .NET is available with expanded collaboration functions and usability in the latest feature update.

Key Functionality Updates:

  • Easy edit tracking – Notes will now attach a name or initials to it when they are displayed. Also, notes can only be deleted by its creator, unless in the administration role
  • Improved timestamps – The Report Date 'Reset' button will now display the last loaded date
  • Confirmation checkpoints – The user will now be prompted to confirm a deletion before the record is deleted
  • Clear view on request lifecycles – The export page will only display start and end dates if the request has run to completion
  • Meaningful data at a glance – KPI Values will always display when entering a Report Date and clicking the Set button


Enjoy the benefits of improved reinsurance data extraction with added reliability, control and functionality from the latest feature update in TAI Connector available for TAI .NET.

  • Enhanced security – Encryption of database connection strings is now supported
  • Simplified updates – Applying a software update now handles overwriting read-only files
  • Organized data – Connector output file contains properly ordered data on all SQL Server compatibility levels
  • Better control of your workflow – Opening a Connector output file in Internet Explorer now gives you the Save/Open option instead of opening the file automatically in the browser
  • Efficient template options – You can now create template groups when none currently exist in a data source
  • Customizable templates – Template Selection page now supports templates with special characters in their names
  • Deleting parent templates is possible – The child templates will have their parent reference removed
  • Templates linked to actions – Recurring schedules for templates are now deleted when the template is deleted
  • Expanded options for bigger files – Enabled opening/downloading of template results larger than 2GB
  • Consistent column order – Selected Column order is now maintained when editing the template after it has been run

Performance Enhancements 

Performance enhancements were implemented to help clients run more efficient processing cycles for life products on TAI .NET.

Key Functionality Updates:

  • Performance enhancementsImprovements made to the interface and monthly cycles

New Recapture App

The challenge of standardizing the recapture process for life products can be addressed with the new Recapture App update on TAI .NET.

Key Functionality:

  • Simplified app Business logic from previous recapture projects has been incorporated into a common, standardized utility program (or App)
  • New templateA new spreadsheet template allows users to define the terms of the recapture and the App terminates the cessions and produces the appropriate billings and exhibits

Version 3.6 offers exciting solutions and we’re excited to be able to share it with our clients and hear your feedback. The next version of TAI Annuity will be available within the coming weeks!

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Written by
Pete Murphy