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[TAI Newsletter] Q2 2015 Updates

April 1, 2015 / Quarterly Newsletter


Spring is the season for new beginnings, and here at TAI new beginnings are under way.  Starting 2015, we will be communicating through our TAI Quarterly Newsletter, highlighting activities related to TAI and the broader reinsurance industry.  Our goal is to inform the insurance and reinsurance communities with relevant and timely information in an effort to jointly move our industry forward!

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TAI User Group Meeting - A Sneak Peek

We are in the midst of planning and preparing for our 2015 User Group Conference.  To our returning attendees, we are pleased to announce the return of the Pete and Pete show where they will highlight new features and functions from our latest Product Development cycle.  I will also share with you some further details about our TAI Advisory Panel (TAP Program), so that we can further fuel our Product Development roadmap.  Some new products are already underway.

PS: Registration for the TAI User Group Meeting is well underway. REGISTER NOW! 

TAI Advisory Panel (TAP)

Also starting in 2015, TAI is introducing TAP, a program designed to integrate customer feedback into the Product Development life cycle at TAI.  This practice stems from the Agile Methodology, whereby software stakeholders can have a direct influence on the implementation of a product.  TAP members, in addition to participating in focus groups and customer surveys, can benefit in the following ways:

  •   Gain access to pre-release software
  •   Obtain TAI credits towards consulting and training
  •   Participate in thought leadership articles
  •   Speaking opportunities at User Group Meetings
  •   Exclusive Promotions at Industry Events

Upcoming Events

TAI along with its joint venture companies, msg global solutions and LOGiQ3, will be participating at the Canadian Life Reinsurance Conference on Tuesday April 14th.  If you plan to attend, stop by and say hello.  

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TAI Quarterly Newsletter


Written by
Mitch Ocampo