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TAI Version 3.6 Annuity Now Available

October 10, 2019


The latest release of TAI 3.6 Annuity is now available. This blog provides a high-level overview of changes and enhancements made to the newest annuity system release for TAI clients who are considering an upgrade or implementation.

To ensure we meet your annuity business needs, we worked closely with clients currently using TAI Annuity and considered industry demands to implement updates to this release. The changes are primarily focused on creating more useful functions to assist with your workflow and organizing the user interface (UI) to be more intuitive. 

TAI 3.6 Annuity Release Highlights

  • Improved homepage and navigation: Changes and enhancements to the Base Screen and visible Menu items
  • Expanded system infrastructure: enabling your system to handle more complex calculations
  • More customization options to suit your needs: Additional flexibility to support various Annuity Calculations and Lookups
  • The links you need where and when you need them: Additional Annuity Hotlinks for easy Navigation
  • Language that fits with your workflow and processes: Enhanced field Terminology and Labeling to align with Annuities
  • Better search options to find what you’re looking for: New Quick Search capabilities

Below, we take a deeper dive on updates to the system.

Expanded system infrastructure

The account value tracking has been enhanced to give you the ability to employ treaty-specific formulas, in order to support more complex variable products.

Label Enhancements

The TAI 3.6 Annuity release includes enhancements to the following labels and menus offering clean, simple and focused options that will help your teams work more efficiently in the system, better align with internal and external processes, and easily access the data you need.

  • Snapshot
  • Reinsurance – Annuity Pages
  • History
  • Tables - Treaty and Support
  • Claims

Additional Hotlinks

Hotlinks that reflect common user navigation have been added to help you work more efficiently and access, action, and share pertinent information with ease.

Existing Client Annuity Reports Converted to Base Reports

Shifting report styles, formats and locations helps you make use of the data you require.

Annuity Calculations

More flexibility and capabilities help you calculate and communicate big, varied data sets with ease.

Get in touch with the TAI team to learn more about what has changed in TAI 3.6 Annuity and determine the right upgrade approach for your organization.

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Written by
Mike Cavallino