Digitize Your Reinsurance Paper Treaties and Enrich Your Data

Is your team spending too much time manually managing treaties? Does your system treaty data accurately reflect your paper treaties? Are data inaccuracies causing a financial impact you are unaware of? 

Digitizing your treaties allows you to leverage data in the following ways:

  • Structure your unstructured paper treaty data in a digital format
  • Identify discrepancies between paper treaties and your production system
  • Understand financial volatility
  • Make the data functional for deeper analysis, accessible for integration into other business systems, and compliant to industry regulations
  • Capture data points required for IFRS reporting
  • Maximize the value of inforce block of business for greater profitability
  • Gain quick access to treaty information during due diligence or audits

TAI Digitization Process 


Paper treaty icon

The process begins by providing TAI with your paper treaties

AI icon

AI technology is used to digitize your paper treaty data

Computer with spreadsheet icon

The output is a structured database of treaty data ready for you to use

Discover how we’ve helped organizations such as yours identify discrepancies in treaty data.