Treaty Risk Assessment

Assess the risk of your treaty data to ensure accurate administration.

Uncover errors in treaty data that could be impacting your bottom line. Our team of experienced professionals will conduct quality assurance on historical system treaty data and help you address incorrectly ceded cessions.


A treaty risk assessment is ideal if you:

  • Recently acquired a new block of business
  • Are preparing for a reinsurance audit
  • Rely on paper treaties and/or key personnel to manage treaties
  • Have had claims denied due to bad reporting
  • Are currently experiencing financial fluctuations

TAI Treaty Risk Assessment Framework

Our framework is a rigorous, proven approach that was built to identify red flags in your treaty data.

As part of TAI’s Treaty Risk Assessment Framework, our team will:

Digitize paper treaties
Compare paper treaty data to our system data
Identify discrepancies and compile all errors and expectations
Generate a financial impact summary
Develop a road to recovery
Provide support options for system corrections
Ready to review your treaty data?