Analyze Your Life Reinsurance Data
TAI Insights Allows You to Dissect Your Reinsurance Data Across Multiple Dimensions

Take a Deep Dive into Your Reinsurance Data

Easily Report Impact on Your Bottom Line

With a consolidated view of financial stability and/or volatility on all policies, you can quickly understand the health of your life reinsurance business.

Track KPIs Specific to Your Reinsurance Program

Determine which metrics you want to track. Use a variety of filters to design a view that's suitable for your life reinsurance business.

View Historical Data Trends to Flag Irregular Activity

Compare actual performance of policy coverage, reinsurance, underwriting and claims to 3-month, 6-month, and 1-year averages.

Quickly Create Valuable Reports for your Organization

Reduce the time it takes to gather and export data in CSV files for management reporting.

KPI Dashboard

Capture Financial Reporting at a Treaty Level

Insights gives you the ability to perform analysis on your treaty performance. Get an overview of the key metrics of importance to your business, including total inforce count, new inforce count, and terminated amount. Conduct a deeper analysis of numbers that aren't performing as expected.


Reinsurance Cash Flow

Conduct a Deeper Level of Ledger Analysis

Get an isolated view of reinsurance cash flow and filter information by reinsurance type and company. Easily export this data for reporting purposes.


Financial Trending

Create Financial Trending Reports in Minutes

With Insights, reports that manually require hours or days of work can be produced in a few clicks. Since data is fed from one system to another, the possibility of human error is reduced, making data more accurate. 


How Your Organization Can Benefit from Insights


Finance Team

Insights can be used by your finance team to review financial trends, understand volatility and profitability, and quickly gauge cash flow.


Risk Management

Your risk management team can look at the volume and risk allocation by product, plan, and reinsurer to understand how risk spreads across reinsurers


Senior Management

Your Senior Leaders will gain easy-to-digest reports that provide a quick understanding of their reinsurance programs.


Reinsurance Managers

Insights is a great tool for reinsurance managers and their team to produce reports for upper management quickly and accurately.


See TAI Insights in action.