Treaty Digitization and Management Software


Revolutionize how you store, manage, and utilize your treaty data.

With TAI Treaty Digitization and Management Software, you can apply artificial intelligence to help build a digital reinsurance treaty library, capture treaty data in a structured, searchable format, and make treaties easy to read and interpret.


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Software Features & Benefits

How TAI Treaty Works

  1. Scan paper treaty data remotely into the system.

  2. AI is applied to read and map treaty fields.

  3. An output of the reinsurance treaty is created and stored in secure digital vault.

  4. Once stored, all terms are searchable and can be exported by system users.
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We’re helping our clients use machine learning to digitize all treaties and turn that into applicable knowledge.
Chris Murumets

Bundle It!

Our optional Treaty Risk Assessment service helps you assess the risk of your treaty data and ensure accurate reinsurance administration going forward. Treaty Risk Assessment is ideal if you:

check-iconRecently acquired a new block of business

check-iconAre preparing for a reinsurance audit

check-iconRely on paper treaties and/or key personnel to manage treaties

check-iconHave had claims denied due to bad reporting

check-iconAre currently experiencing financial fluctuations