Drive administrative efficiencies while reducing operational and financial risk.

With TAI services and software, insurers and reinsurers can reduce inefficiencies, data integrity issues and exposure to risks. Eliminate or minimize manual workarounds, inaccurate data, resource restraints, and homegrown systems.

Our Approach

Ensure compliance and security

Improve data accuracy

Collect and analyze real-time data

Move and extract data

In today’s competitive markets, accurate reinsurance administration is critical to your business.

Set yourself free from manual workarounds, outdated operations, resource restraints, and homegrown systems with TAI’s comprehensive suite of software and professional services.

Our Pillars


Discover how to automate your reinsurance administration and improve data quality, treaty compliance, and operational efficiencies.​


Streamline and improve your reinsurance operational risk with the following advisory services:


Simplify your reinsurance administration operations with the following administration services:

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