Services to Mitigate Areas of Reinsurance Operational Risk
Strengthen Your Team | Enrich Your Data | Elevate Your Reinsurance Operations
TAI Services analyzes, identifies, and solves areas of reinsurance operational risk that are impacting your bottom line.
Reinsurance Administration Support
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Treaty Digitization and Risk Assessment
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End-to-End System Project Support
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Process and Operations Optimization Consulting
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How can you determine if your reinsurance operations are at risk?

  • Does your team rely heavily on manual processes and paper treaties?
  • Is your staff unable to take on special projects?
  • Are your workflows and controls out of date?
  • Are key members of your team approaching retirement?
  • Are auditors finding administrative problems or discrepancies in system data?

When you work with us to reduce risk in your reinsurance operations, you will have confidence in your data, increase your financial predictability, be able to address projects in your backlog, and know your reinsurance treaties are being administered properly.